My not so Baby Boy

Hudson is constantly making us laugh. He is in such a fun stage right now and I just love it. Every morning when he wakes up he comes into get me ( that is if he wasn't already in my bed invading my personal space) he usually asks for a bottle then he goes and wakes up Presley ( this I do not approve of ) but he just can't wait to see her and start hanging out. He then proceeds to go into the pantry and take out 2 boxes of cereal ( his breakfast of choice) he eats his cereal and waits for J to wake up. When J does wake up and gets his bowl of cereal he of course has to have another one to eat with his brother. He then plays with Jackson preferablly outside with all the balls. After lunch is his nap time. He is locked in his room and almost always goes right down to bed unless however he takes off his diaper and goes poo. Yes this has happened a few times. This is his new thing taking off his diaper wether it is dirty or not sometimes he will go poo in the toilet most of the time he just likes to sit on the toilet. One of his favorite things to do is play with his sister he will just sit at her side saying "his titer" over and over kissing her playing with her dancing for her and anything to make her happy. He is such a great big brother. Jackson and him share a room so night time can be quite crazy. Huddy starts off in his bed but usually gets out about 10 times before I let J go sleep with his dad while I lock Hudson in the room to fall asleep. It can be quite an ordeal many times he gets out of his bed and goes in Presley's room and wakes her up (AHHH drive me crazy) then most days in the middle of the night he comes and gets in bed with me and gets as close as possible. ( which I can not do so I push him over and make him cuddle his dad)
Wow I love this boy

For about a week after Halloween he would come up to me every morning with his Elmo Bucket and say "Trick or Treat" to get a piece of candy from the jar. How could I resist.


Heiner Happenings said...

Hudson is such a cutie!! way to go buddy! Crystal can you e-mail me your home address please? cbkheiner@hotmail.com

The Tyler's said...

I really want a pumpkin dognut!!!

I can't believe Huddy is already using the big boy toilet!! That's amazing!

Happy Thanksgiving if I don't see you before then!

Mary Ann said...

Hudson is getting so big! I can't believe it! Cute pictures! Your kids are all adorable and I'm sad I haven't seen you forever! Love ya

Suzy Cummard said...

Huddy- I love you so much. I want a son just like you!

I can not wait for you to live by me so I can taste all of these yummy things that you make!

Mike & Stephanie Wright said...

He sounds like a crack up! He is dang cute too!

Brittney Smith said...

Your kids are growing up so fast. Your little girl is so cute! I still make your zuchinni bread recipe, I might need to get your pumpkin doughnut recipe too.

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