Our Sunday Christmas Best

Polar Express

This year we headed up to the North Pole to see Santa, drink Hot Cocoa, sing songs and Have Fun! This is our second time going J was 2 last time and loved it and of course this time loved it even more. My mom, Angie and her family all went with us. The only downer of the trip was all the Snow. It was one of the worst days Flagstaff had. We had a few scares, especially when our car went fishtailing into oncoming traffic, or when we got stuck on a steep drive. Also on the slick ice I fell flat on my butt while holding Hudson! OWEE !!! But luckily we made it unscathed,  mostly . We had so much fun on the train ride, the kids were all so good and happy. Our hostess on our car was so awesome and fun. 


Even Presley got in on the action

Pretty much every picture of Hudson has him holding his Hot Cocoa. He drank it the whole time. I think he felt very big holding his own cup.
Here they are looking for Santa at the North Pole. 
The whole rest of the time even after Santa came on our Train, Hudson would just stare out the window saying "Santa" 
What a GREAT pic of all of us! at least Ang looks cute
During the Singing portion (which is one of my Favorite parts) Jackson got real into this song. The 12 days of Christmas where there were motions. 
Here he is doing A Partridge in a Pear Tree!

Every year since the first Polar Express,  J asks for a bell for Christmas. 
Hudson so proud of his bell

How Adorable
The Sloans

Could he be any more excited. 
All he wanted to do since we got into Flagstaff was have a snowball fight. We made him wait till we were about to leave home so he wouldn't be so wet and cold. 
He LOVED it, it was just him and Stephen the rest of us stayed in the WARM car. Party Poopers I know.

our car the next morning
Our Little Snow Bunny


More December Fun

Every year Junky Trunk invites Santa to come visit the kids at the store and this Santa arrives in Style via Helicopter. Besides the Polar Express this is the only time my kids got to see the Big Guy and here they even get to sit on his lap and get a present. 
The boys loved it, but boy was it cold. 

Santa's Helicopter arrival-last year we missed this part.
Anticipation much!
Hot Cocoa of course

One of the days before Christmas the Advent Paper said to make ornaments. I got this idea from Jessica- thanks girl, the kids loved painting them. 

Progressive Dinner:
Every year for Christmas the Cummards have a Progressive Dinner (well it is not so much a dinner as it is just lots of food). Last year since I was so sick, I did not decorate very much for Christmas so I opted out. This year I was back in with some yummy Spinach & Artichoke dip. Every house was Super Yummy
at Cheryl's she made this stuff and I have already forgotten the name, they are kind of like funnel cake but in these cute shapes. 
Course it took about half and hour to make 10 but they were sure good, and cute.


The Happenings

Well This has been a busy time which I am sure is the same for everyone, I have been seriously lacking on my blogging lately for many reasons. 
First every time I am on my computer I am working on a Christmas Project for my whole family, which is quite time consuming so it has made it next to impossible to blog. 
Most of my gifts this year are homemade, I thought this would be cheaper but it is not, though it is more meaningful. I just hope they all appreciate all the long hours I put into it. 
I had to Enrichment Activities a Candy/Cookie Exchange -Get to Know you night. Which went awesome, it is amazing how many neat people are in my ward that I never even really knew anything about. Plus the treats weren't bad either and my new fav. thing is Oreo Bon Bons
We also had our Christmas Enrichment which was a lot of work but so worth it. It was a perfect night filled with the spirit. I am so lucky to have Jess as my partner in crime on these she is very responsible and talented. Thanks Girl!
Making 24 72hr. kits for the Cummard family for our Progressive Dinner. - Crazy good thing J helped me a ton.

This year in our advent boxes I put little things to do every day ie. make ornaments, watch a christmas movie, make goodies and so on. 
J and Huddy love it, every morning the first thing they want to do is that. I guess my kids get very bored with their mom all day.
Jack putting his homemade star on the tree. 
This year we opted out of buying a real tree, for multiple reasons, the money, the fact that with all Presley's baby things in the fam. room there just wasn't enough space. So luckily we still had the tree from our first Christmas it is small but still Magical. 
Stephen showing J all his Garbage Pail kids- I know terrible, but sometimes father son bonding is more important.But we will not be getting those out again.

I know I look constipated, but that is what you get for not stretching in 5 yrs. Go Suzie & Kanoe for being able to do the splits no problem.

Suns Boys

 A couple of weeks ago Stephen took J and his cousin to the Suns Game
While they did have a blast Stephen doesn't know if he would do it again. Most of the time they either wanted to eat or play, I think the pair together made it harder. 

Eating at Wendy's before the game

The first thing J told me about when he got home was his picture with the Dancers. 
What a stud, his cousin wouldn't get in the pic, he was afraid the girls would kiss him.

Face painting of course-apparently Daddy is a sucker
Meeting a Celeb  (dog)
They had this court on the upper deck for parents to take their kids while still watching the game, most of the time was spent up here.

Stephen even stayed till the end of the game so the boys could shoot baskets on the court