Hudson Boy is 2

My Hudson Boy has turned 2. Since it happened around the same time we moved we didn't do much but I did manage to make a cake which only took me 2 hours to frost and 2 bottles or red food coloring. ( at least next time I know what I am up against)
It was all worth it to see how happy he was about his Elmo cake.
Birthday Buddies
Grandma C and Huddy have the same b-day
What I love about my Second Born
he is still a little cuddle bug
he is always so happy 
he LOVES his brother and sister and wants to be with them at all times
he is Obsessed with his binkies- he will hold as many as he can find.
he will rub them on his face, put them on his big toe or connect them as seen below. 
he loves to sing, Abc, Old Mcdonald, Itsy Bitsy Spider
he is a courtesy laugher: awhile ago I taught him the Guess What joke
Guess what?
Chicken Butt? 
and every time he gives you a laugh. Now all Stephens family loves to do it to him so he will get 20 of those in a day, and still doles out the same exact laugh. 
Every time we ask him to say cheese he cocks his head all the way down with a huge smile on his face. 
He loves to wear his shoes, and his jacket. (lucky me) 
Who wouldn't love that little Toe Head
Hudson aka Dobber


Carroll Family said...

Now that's talent! - 3 at once - wow!

Cummards said...

Hud and Presley look so different just since Christmas!! They are so cute. We miss you and love you guys!

buddyandsarahaws said...
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buddyandsarahaws said...

I love the Elmo cake, it looks Awesome!