My Biggest girl

Well Presley is now 6 months. 
She has been growing like a weed and getting so big everyday. 
Around 5 1/2 months she started sitting up and right after she turned 6 months she started crawling. She is so sweet that is when she is not crying. Thank goodness for Baby Einstein.
She loves to have her belly kissed and loves when anyone sings or dances for her. She also loves to talk to you. I am so thankful for her and love everything about her as do her brothers.
Stats: Weight 15lbs. 5oz. 25%
Height 27.75 95% 


Carroll Family said...

It's so weird to me that some crawl this early - or earlier!!! Mine don't crawl until around 9 or 10 months! (I think Ethan may have been at 7 months?)