A Mother's Day Luau

For Mother's Day my mom wanted us to all go to a Luau a friend of hers was putting on the Sat. before Mother's day. It was a ton of fun and just like a real Luau. The food was even better then the one in Hawaii. ( course I was just barely prego then and threw everything up so who knows) 

I didn't get a picture but J got called up a couple of times first he was asked to drink Coconut Milk ( which he didn't like but was a great sport about it) 
Then they had him come learn a dance which he did great at. 

Me and my Beautiful children
It was a great Mother's Day I got a Huge breakfast made by my Husband he even did the best job ever cleaning up ( now I know that he really knows how to clean so he is in trouble now)
For dinner he prepared all by himself a Crab Dinner with Fresh corn on the cob. We ate and ate till we were stuffed, thanks babe it was a GREAT Mother's day!


the cummard family said...

you look so good (and skinny) in that mothers day pic! running is paying off! it's not so bad, is it!