The Surprise

For my mom's big birthday we threw a Surprise party. Surprise parties are a lot harder than I thought, trying to invite the people that they want there and getting ahold of them is the hardest part. The day before she got sick and said she was probably going to call in for work the next day  ( that would have ruined everything) but luckily it all worked out and she was completely surprised. Luckily I was able to get a bbsitter all day so we could get it all done and was able to enjoy the party. Happy 35th Birthday Mom we love you!

We had super Yummy Dessert and food. 
Sweet Pork Salads
We also had a great game thanks to Noah Tyler for his excellent skills. 
The boys playing there favorite b-ball game with the kiddie hoop


meghan said...

I love this! And my favorite part: your mom was 12 when she had you if she's celebrating her 35th! Agelessness rocks!

The Tyler's said...

The party looked like it was a blast. I'm sorry I had to miss it. Stupid sinus infection! The food looked amazing. I should have come for just that! I'm so glad you gave your Mom a fun party...she so deserves it. Love her!

When did Presley get so chubby? I love that pic from the Luau.

youngsters said...

are those mint brownies I see?? you always have these fun foods (oreo bon bons)!! I guess I need to get that recipe too!