These are a Few of my Favorite Things

This year we started a tradition (that we stole from the Worthen's) which is "Favorite Things Night" Each of us it to pick something that is our favorite, that we love, use all the time and then bring one for everyone. It is also a girls night where we go out to dinner and spend the whole night together. For dinner we all put our name in a hat ( a Cummard tradition) and whoever got drawn gets to pick dinner. I got picked and chose CPK. 

After dinner we went back to Cheryl's and let the exchanging begin. 
First up was Sarah she chose MFY! 
Next Suzie- Fabulouso cleaner, scrapbook paper and accesories
Kanoe gave everyone her favorite snack foods! and some awesome wash cloths
I was next and forgot to take a pic. but I gave a couple of reusable Grocery bags that I love, Oreos and Oxi Clean spray that I cannot live without. 

Summer gave us each a Precious Moments which she collects each was a different letter and a cute Poem about why she loves us attached to the letter so cute.  
Cheryl gave us an Egg grater, a cd and the cutest Handwriting book.
Syd gave everyone a Red Velvet Sprinkles Cupcake her fav. she also had a few banana bread ones for those of me who do not like red velvet (thanks syd)
Can't wait for next year I am already planning my next thing. 5.7.09


Cummards said...

really...I am the only one in the picture with my favorite thing, that is not fair! If you don't take down the hideous picture..you will regret it!

garritandshea said...

What a great idea! I'm totally going to do this. Please come up for a visit!