August Happenings

One perfectly gorgeous afternoon we had a little golf lesson in the yard. By the end of it most of the neighbors had joined in. It was one of those perfect days.

One night we got home to a great rain, and the Uphams in town for the night so it was a fun filled night of water football. J was out right away since he was too cold but not Huddy he was all for it freezing and all. another perfect night in the neighborhood.

Well more fun stuff, we decided to take on the huge task of painting our house ourself, well that will probably be the only time we do that ( we still have unfinished parts). But we did paint the majority of it in 3 days. for only $200 so it saved us a couple thousand dollars, worth it!

My boys making me a birthday cake. My b-day was pretty good lots of good eats. Since it was Sunday I pretty much spent the entire weekend with festivities. Not a bad way to go.

Family trip to the Phx Childrens Museum, one of my favorite places to go, the kids love it too.

The boys spent the most time in this part, putting balls in things and watching them pop out.


Jami Baker said...

You have such beautiful kids!! You did take on a huge task by painting your house!! Wow, I am impressed!! Looks good!!