Big Boy Hudson

Oh the things I could say about Hudson.
This year has probably been the hardest with Hudson, near the end he has gotten a little more feisty and less obedient. He has also become a bit of a pouter. He is still my cuddly boy and loves to give loves ( except when he gives kisses to Presley he will ONLY kiss her on her cheek!)
Hudson LOVES to be outside, he would spend all day outside riding his scooter and bike and playing any type of sport( b-ball, baseball, soccer) He loves animals, especially dogs and horses and TIGERS. He has these 2 tigers that he loves to play with all the time, along with his big stuffed horse and dog.
He is pretty much the exact Opposite of Jackson, he loves having his shoes on, his jacket and hood on, being buckled in his car seat, his stroller and even being in the front part of the shopping cart ( which means Pres has to sit in the back with all the stuff). He even enjoys getting his hair cut and is such a good client. He can't wait to brush his teeth at night too.
He loves movies just like the rest of us. Once he is watching something on t.v. he is sooooo completely zoned you could yell his name, offer him things, jump around in front of him and still he wont move. He usually has his mouth half open as well.
This boy is also a little Klepto. Before I realized this about 4 months ago I lost my wedding ring, it was gone for a good two weeks until one day I saw him go and get it out of my diaper bag and bring it to me! He is always putting stuff in his pocket and then running away. While we were at the cabin a couple of months back, my family kept seeing him pick up cameras, watches, phones and putting them in a hiding place. Luckily they saw him or we may still have been looking for it.
He is also the most loving child and is always looking out for his brother and sister. Every night at bedtime he asks me to lay down with him and then when I am done says "lay with Jackson" he always has to make sure he is taken care of.
Every morning when he gets up he comes out of his room and says "Mom, I lub you"
He also has these Dracula teeth that are very dracula.
He loves going golfing with his dad.

A few months ago when people would ask him his name he would reply with "Big Boy". I have no idea where he got this from but he was completely sure of his answer and did not like you to correct him. He was Big Boy and that was that!
Hudson is definitely a child of habit. Every day when it is his time for his nap he goes through his ritual. First he needs all his binkies, usually at least one green and one pink ( but if he sees more he needs all of them). Then he gets his animals and sometimes cars and lays them down beside him. Next I have to "sleep" with him, and the blanket Has to be on top of me.Then he puts his arm underneath my head and I snuggle in. I lay there for a couple of minutes and then I get up to leave at which time he says " I love you mom" I say it back then he says "I love you too" then he says " you love me mom?" in which I answer "yes" and then and only then am I allowed to leave.
Now I know my baby boy is 3 now but he still loves, let me rephrase that is "OBSESSED" with his binkies. Not just a binky but multiple binkies of different colors. Now that I have officially taken them away (except for nighttime) he often finds them around the house that Presley has left out, he will then proceed to hide them. At any given time when he is being ultra quiet I will seek him out and almost always he is in some corner with a bunch of hidden binkies taking a last "Drag" on one of them. He is a Closet Binkie Addict.

This is all I can think of for now.
All I know for sure is that he is so important to our family, and we love every day we have with him. I can't imagine life without him and I feel so blessed to be his mother.


Cummards said...

Cute post on Huddy :) We love him! Casey does especially!!

The Tyler's said...

Happy Birthday Huddy! Wish we could be there to give you a big hug!

I love the nap time ritual!