Why did the chicken cross the road?

To get away from the Cummards!

So the Cummard family has a bunch of chickens that we raise for the eggs.
They were building a bigger coup so when it was done all the kids had to chase down the chickens to put them in. This was not an easy task, J caught 3, Hudson didn't catch any but we got him a pic with the chicken ( he was so excited)

They also decide to kill and cook one of the "fryer" chickens.
So we all gathered around to watch the slaughter. I know, don't judge.

Jackson was actually really into it, not it a crazy way. I am actually the same way.
Here it is after they feathered, skinned and gutted it.
and this is the finished product. A whole lot of work for one Chicken. Glad I can still get my chicken at the good old fashioned store!


Cummards said...
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Cummards said...

I think my dinner just came up...SICK! Glad you all enjoyed it, and I'm thousands of miles away ;) Only for that one night though.

The Tyler's said...

My Dad would be so proud of you teaching you kids right. Do you remember my Dad having deer and elk hanging from his grarage???

See it Try it Love it said...

Oh yeah Jill all the time! Glad to see someone isn't totally sickened by this.

Cummards said...

I'm still scarred from 3rd grade when we had to watch a snake kill and eat a live rat. The poor little guy was jumping all over trying to get away, and the snake just squeezed it do death! I guess ever since then I haven't really enjoyed seeing an animal die right in front of my face! I'm glad someone does though, because I loovve to eat!

garritandshea said...

Yeah- that post disgusted me. Sorry dude. I was literally wincing as I scrolled through the pictures. But, I am sooooo excited about your food blog! I always wish I could get recipes from you and now I have them at my fingertips. You have always been such a good cook and you have the best recipe ideas.