Presley's Milk & Cookie Party

a few months before Presley's b-day I told Steve I wanted to get her a toy chest, so we looked around and we couldn't seem to find anything cheap enough. That is when he said he could make one himself for way cheaper then any of those! Well I had my doubts, but it didn't take him long at all. I was so excited for Pres to have something that her dad made her.
before it was done me and my mom went to work on the aesthetics of it. Luckily I had her because it would never have turned out as nice as it did without her.

After Presley's 1st Birthday Purple party I said that this year was just going to be a simple affair. But after seeing this website I HAD to do the "milk and cookie" party. Fortunately I have a great family who helped me pull it off. It may not have been as nice as the one on the website but I thought it turned out pretty good.

( my sil heather made these Fabulous oreo cookies- a new business she is starting)

( suzy's awesome banners- btw she is selling them now for a great price)
my vision for this cookie cake was a little more classy- but hey it did the job

Presley loves babies and as soon as one showed up at the party she had to go and see him.

Aunt Sarah took pres to get her nails done for the first time, before her party.
( more pics later)
She showed them off all party!
Boyfriend 1

Boyfriend 2
Never missing an opportunity to eat
Ready for presents
all these pics are so cute- Presley is famous for her faces and she did not dissapoint

filling up their bags at the cookie bar

tills and pres
everyone was in love with Grandma C's awesome find
Happy Birthday to Presley


Amanda B. said...

I had a nice chat with one of your kids this morning. I'm assuming Presley got a hold of your phone. :) She's so cute! Adorable birthday party and hope chest!!!