My beautiful girl went to bed a one year old and emerged a 2 yr. old little lady.
My kids would always pick Cereal for breakfast ( which saddens me) so it was no surprise that that is what Miss Pres picked for her birthday breakfast, complete with Her Pink bowl.
that night we decided to do "Ice Cream" for diner for Presley' s birthday and the fact that I have been wanting to start a tradition of having Ice cream for dinner one night during the summer.

We picked Thrifty because they have the best ice cream.

and who did we run into
Suz, Ellie and Quincy
I couldn't believe it. Pres couldn't have been more excited to see them.


The Tyler's said...

That's Mesa for ya! It's strange living somewhere like I do and not knowing at least someone when you walk in a place.
Love that Birthday girl. I'm glad we got to come to a little bit of her party.
So, I feel like you have been avoiding me!! Did you get my messages. I texted Kanoe to see where the heck you were and why you were not answering my call!! Then she said you were out of town. But now your back and you need to call me to catch up!!
Hope you Birthday was amazing! I can't wait to hear all about it!