Lebaron Reunion '10

One of my favorite traditions that I married into is that of the Lebaron Annual Reunion.

My family is super small on both sides, I have a total of 6 cousins all together! Not Steve his Lebaron side is Ginormous. I absolutely love going to the Reunion every year, my kids do as well and why wouldn't they with all the fun things the family in charge plans.
This year the Carroll's were in charge we had cooking classes, Minute to Win it competitions, games in the meadow, plates, Wayne's breakfast and so much more. I think my favorite was the Testimony meeting, the spirit was so strong and I really felt connected to the family.
The first morning always starts out with Waynes breakfast. Jackson was looking forward to this most.
He loves being able to make it all himself.

Yes i get a picture of each kid helping make theirs but we know the real person behind it all.

Waiting for their turn at bat. Hudson was so excited

he should go pro!
always a grin- even though his pop fly was caught

wrestling with the cousins