My dearest baby girl/big girl

Presley is my baby, she is now 2 yrs old and my youngest child. But she is such a Big Girl most of the time, which is just so sad. and since I am not ready to have another one I need to keep her little Forever!
Presley's Loves
  • shoes, her shoes, new shoes, my shoes and daddy's shoes. You give this girl a pair of shoes and she will squeal in delight
  • Her silkie, little silkie, & other silkie- she has her 3 silkies and this is what she calls them. They do not substitute for other ones and she has to have them at all times. Yes all 3 of them.
  • Books- she loves to read and be read too. I am constantly finding her on her bed reading. ( favorites inclued Pout Pout Fish and 5 Little Monkeys)
  • Doggies- she is mesmerized by them. Her face when she is around a dog is priceless she gets so excited she can't even stand it.
  • Talking on the phone. My boys are not phone talkers at all, if they have to they say 2 words and then try to get off. Not Pres, she is constantly getting my phone and calling people on her own. My friend Amanda said Pres called her the other day and they had a little chat! It is so fun to talk to her on the phone ( even though I can't always tell her and Hudson apart) she has stories, she gets excited and she never wants to hang up. The best thing about Presley on the phone is watching her talk to someone. Her facial expressions are priceless- she is REALLY into it and we all love her for it.
  • Binkie- she loves it and refuses to part with it. Enough said
  • Her Uncle LaLa- her boyfriend- he can turn her frown upside down anytime, mention his name and all is well.
  • Her babies- she loves them all
  • Lotion- she is constantly sneaking it and then trying to rub it all over us
  • Makeup/chapstick- she loves putting on my makeup, taking my chapstick and putting it in her pocket.
  • Nursery- from the moment she was able to go in she has loved it, never cried for one second. She walk right in and starts playing, she loves snack time and singing time. She comes home singing Itsy Bitsy Spider
  • FOOD- yes if you know Pres you know that her love for food is equal to that of mine. This girl can't get enough.
  • Goats Milk- yes she like all milk but will request Goats milk no matter where she is.
For these and so many other reasons we absolutely ADORE our Presley girl. She is my best friend, whenever I am away from her I am constantly missing her. Presley has such character, she is constantly making us laugh, I will never be able to get enough and if I could I would make her stay this age Forever!
Dressed up in one of my old dance costumes
passed out with her silkies and binkie
shoe fetish

finished product

One of her favorite birthday gifts, a brush. She has been brushing our hair ever since.
Pres got into the drawer I was organizing and this is what she came up with


Cummards said...

She is so cute! She has the cutest mannerisms, and talks like she is soo grown up! I can't imagine what she is doing now, I'm sure she is even more grown up than a few months ago :( She really does have a sweet nature and personality. Miss you guys!