Atlantis '10

In September our family was able to go to the Atlantis resort in the Bahamas. My mom, dad, Colin, Heather and all our kids. The weather was Gorgeous, it rained a little every day which made it so cool during the day. The beach was perfect with warm water and hardly anyone around. The kids had so much fun on all the slides, Jackson was able to do all of the slides this year and was really into it. He was more of a dare devil than I was for sure. Playing in the pool was the little ones favorite part, they have an amazing kids pool where we spent most days.

We definitely ate great, we deemed the Miami Vice as the drink of the trip and had at least one a day. We ate at some great restaurants where I was always ordering the conch fritters- my new fav.

the 4 plane rides we took there and back weren't too bad, especially the times we spent in first class. Course I am thinking maybe just the adults next time.

Playing tricks on a certain sleeping grandpa

Hudson wasn't really into the ocean, but J couldn't stay away
A pretty big wave took out my dad
In which he lost his hat and glasses! Luckily we found them both

Jackson loving every minute of it

My eldest son is absolutely obsessed with Lobster, no we did not get him one. Though the whole trip he kept trying to order one. He is a little food spoiled. We are trying to work on that ( after a few meltdowns on the trip)
My birthday Dessert! for some reason we keep going on Vacay during Mother's Day, My birthday or my mom's!
Jackson got ahold of the camera

The whole gang

Pres trying to feed the stingrays but they never came up and got it. I don't think her arms were long enough
Kissing Cousins
One of the best parts about Atlantis is the marine life that is EVERYWHERE! There is always an aquarium, sting -ray/shark exhibit, or giant sea turtles to feed. The kids couldn't get enough of it.

Each day you could find us stuffing our faces poolside. We sure did eat some amazing food there.

One day we took a ferry over to the shopping district.
the kids favorite part was drinking the Pina Colada on the boat!

Searching for souvenirs is always a fun time. Jackson always wants to get everything he sees. Since he has to pay for it he usually only gets a couple of things! He decided on a Giant Star Fish and another Shark tooth necklace ( I think he gets one on every vacay)
The boys took the kids back to the resort while us Gals stayed and did some serious Alley's shopping. We were on a mission to try and find the perfect purse, it was hot and cramped but in the end we each found one. Some of us were more happy with our purchases than others. As soon as my mom had bought one she found another one she liked Way more. That's why you make your purchase after you have seen them all.
Go Presley!
3 little birdies waiting for the next lick from their cousin Coen.

Every beach vacation Jackson's main goal is to find sea shells. He collects them and loves finding new ones. Here he is showing off a real beauty.
Yes he loves to run on the beach, and is always smiling while he does.
Pres stayed far away from the ocean, but that pesky tide finally caught up with her.
A big wave took out my 3 guys.
Steve buried Hudson and Jackson in the sand, Jackson had to get out by himself, it took him awhile but he finally made it.

For some reason my dad is ALWAYS getting hurt or sick on vacay. In Mexico he was stung by a sting ray, Georgia he broke his arm. His last vacation right before Atlantis he spent the whole time in the hospital with Diverticulitus, of which he was still in pain with in Atlantis then he got a spur in his heel. Well I tell you my dad in pain is not an easy thing to deal with. We did survive though, crutches and all.

Highlights of the trip
  • miami vice
  • crutches
  • "letters to god"
  • too much food
  • stale cheetos
  • too many sea shells
  • hot dog burritos
  • award winning "Blue Lagoon" restaurant
  • lobster
  • cereal
  • movie theatre


Cummards said...

Your pictures are amazing, it looks so gorgeous. Everything looks so fun!