Steve's 33rd B-day

The Man of the Day

Sadly after the initial decor pics I forgot to take any pics of the attendees and the Birthday boy.
As you can probably guess it was a Cereal Party. Why? You ask. Well Steve loves cereal more than anyone I have ever met. It is truly his favorite food, he even put it on our wedding registry! Yes it is hard for someone who loves making new kinds of food and is such a breakfast person to be married to a man like this. Yet I have learned to deal with it, even when he eats a small portion of the food I make and then gets a bowl of cereal to follow it up. Or when he has cereal as an appetizer before we go out for dinner.
He has also passed this trait onto ALL of our children, without fail they will ALWAYS choose cereal for breakfast. So I have to limit it to twice a week for the kids.
If we don't have at least 15 ( not exaggerating) boxes of cereal in the pantry, he gets antsy and goes to the store to stock up. I mean I don't really even like cereal and this is how I have to live, but hey it does have it's upsides. It makes for a cheap and easy meal when I don't feel like cooking! I just hope I nothing ever happens to me because my children will be raised completely on cereal.

I love this man
he is such a hard worker and can do anything.
he never gossips and is always keeping me in check
he never takes offense and always thinks the best of people
he is so giving- no matter how much he has he will give you whatever you need
he is always helping out people and giving of his time
his children love him and he would do anything for them
he is always Right!
he's funny, handsome and easy to please
he is the BEST gift giver
he wants to learn to play the piano
he loves to go shopping at Ross & Marshall's
he loves to go to the grocery store- even on his bike!
he LOVES milk- whole milk/goats milk
he is always cold
loves beanies -especially the ones he made
he loves free shirts and will always wear them instead of his nice bought ones
he won't buy anything over $10 and always finds the best deals
he is super loyal to his friends
loves almost all foods and will try anything at least once
he loves to buy stuff
he loves golfing & basketball
he loves the Chargers
he loves reading US weekly and watching TMZ
he loves concrete

there are a million more things I could say but I will end with Happy Birthday and I love You!


The Tyler's said...

What a fun Birthday party idea! I am a cereal lover also.

20 more days till we get to AZ!!! Do you know how excited I am???