We have had a super busy month, birthdays, Virginia, Steve's b-day, Halloween, Anniversary,Boy cousins sleepover, primary program, General conference, pumpkin carving, work, work, school and party's up the yang!

With all the craziness that goes with being a mom, watching sweet moments such as these make it all worth while.

reading to BB

then he wanted to lay down with BB
next Pres read to BB
then Hudson and his new BFF Buddy Bear watching a movie.

Hudson was able to bring home Buddy Bear from school. He has been asking to do it for a couple of weeks now and when he got out of the car holding him, well I have never seen him so happy! He screamed " I got Buddy Bear" The next 2 days was Hudson and Buddy Bear, and Pres trying to squeeze in on the action.


Cummards said...

The pictures outside drawing with sidewalk chalk are some of the cutest ever, and the lighting makes it all the better! Can't wait to see you guys soo soon!