My eldest turns 7!

Sometimes I can't believe I have a 7 yr. old. It has gone by way too fast. Jackson is such a sweet kid who loves his friend and is always up for anything. He will try any type of food and is the best masseuse! He is boy through and through, he is always wanting to wrestle and sword fight. He is becoming such a great little reader and will read for his brother and sister. He is so responsible with his new dog and never complains when he has to feed or pick up the poop! He loves to draw and is so creative, I love seeing the things he draws. We love Jackson and couldn't imagine life without him.

Morning present time

For his birthday J wanted a motor scooter so we went in on half with him and he paid the rest.
I think he likes it!
This year for his birthday he said he wanted to do a Vehicle party, I had no idea what that meant, but we came up with an idea. We decide to invite everyone to bring their favorite "vehicle" and we were going to Freestone skate park. Well I guess we should have checked up on the rules because half way through the party all the bikes and scooters got kicked off. The kids still had a blast either way.
We had a couple of spills, and of course no party of J's would be complete without a little meltdown.( he was mad we didn't bring his motor scooter)

Dallin, Conway, Hudson, Parker, Jackson, Cooper and Hunter

Jackson getting cash- this boy is a saver and LOVES cash!
J also got a bakugan pack which Hudson thought was his and was so excited!

His vehicle cake
Decorating a pumpkin.


Kristina said...

Oh my gosh I have never taken my boys there; I have got to take them!!