Fieldtrip Numero Uno

On Wednesday Jackson went on his first fieldtrip for the year to Mesa Southwest Museum. He had an absolute blast. Right when we got there while we were waiting outside he was extremely giddy, he kept hugging Kai and running around trying to get in. Inside the museum the boys ran a muck. They were inseperable (Kai, Owen and Jacob). Running from exhibit to exhibit and trying to climb on everything. Which got them in a wee bit of trouble. During 2 spots there were t.v.'s and well Jackson being the kid that he is had to watch, completely consumed in the show ( he is certainly my kid). One of his favorite parts was when one of the Museum workers told the boys all about the dinosaurs and showed them some cool fossils. When we got home Jack found his Veloca Raptor and told me what there special claw on their feet that helps them get the other dinosaurs. We tried the panning for gold, and my advice is don't bother. It was kind of a nightmare, the gold was gold specks in the sand that was hard to pick out since it was the same size as the sand, also the water spilled everywhere on us. All in all it was a succesful trip. Since we have gotten home, Jackson brought out his dinosaurs and hasn't stopped playing with them since. Here are a few captured moments


Anonymous said...

Those pictures are so cute. I didnt get any of them in my email, will you re-email them to me please. Thanks, mel

Sarah's Nonsense said...

That was one of the first field trips that Daisy went on, too. She loved it. Although there was a bit of trauma because the mom in charge of her group took them through the store and bought her kid something even though we were told NOT to send any money with the kids because they weren't to buy anything there. She talked about the fact that she didn't get something FOREVER!