Rundown Tuesday night.

Sorry it is so late I just barely got to watch my shows, I was way too tired last night and this morning Jill called to go to the mall to Gap's amazing sale ( most of the store is on sale and on all sale prices they take an additional 25% off) needless to say I bought a ton. I took the kids to the mall park so Jill could finish shopping and it is a lot harder to watch 4 kids in one of those places than I thought, especially since Sadie was running out every chance she got and Brody and Jackson were getting attacked by a girl who had a crush on them she even pinned Brody down and kissed him. Downside I lost Hud's favorite Silkie that he needs 24/7 I even went back to every store I had been to which took a 1/2 hour, I was pretty sad.

Here goes

House- love the show, but I was definitely missing Cameron, Chase, and Foreman they better come back for good or I don't know how good it will be. But it is a fantastic show that always keeps you on your feet. Medical Mysteries rock

Bones- LOVE IT, yes mostly because of David Boreanz ( Angel from Buffy) if the hottest guys ever, but also because Forensic Science is so interesting.

The Reaper- This is a new one about a guy whose parents sold his soul to the Devil and he now has to do his work for him ( a bounty hunter for the escapees of Hell) good, I love the CW and will continue to watch it

Sorry to all the reality fans out there, for some reason I dont love shows like the Bachelor, Amazing Race, and Survivor. I just cant get into them.


Kristina said...

House is one of Devin & I's big time favorites and I did see on The Daily 10 that Chase and Cameron are coming back--I don't think Foreman. Did you you know that C & C were engaged in real life!!! Can't wait to read your Wednesday list...and YIPEE The Office starts tonight!!!!!