Rundown #3 Wednesday Night

So I am finaly done with my shows from Wed. night, well I still have Bionic Woman on my other T.V. but wont have time to watch that for today.

Criminal Minds- a great show, especially if you are into crime shows. It is a really different where they focus on Criminal Profiling. Though I think they might be losing one of their best characters.

Private Practice- Grey's Anatomy spinoff. I love Addison Shepherd so I really enjoyed it plus who doesn't love Taye Diggs and Tim Daly (Wings). The episode was great and I can't wait to see more.

OFFICE is tonight Wahoo!!!!!!

You better watch.


Ern said...

crystal, i can't believe you like Private Practice. I didn't watch last night, but i did see the sneak peek episode last season, and i thought it was so disappointing because i like addison sheperd too. boo. maybe i'll give it a chance next week. have fun watching the office tonight. ...can't wait to find out the status of "Jam"!

Brittney Smith said...

I dont know about these shows, but I am definitly with you on Dancing with the Stars. I have to catch up, I have only atched Monday nights up to this point. Wasnt Sabrina amazing??

Anonymous said...

okay I was thinking I might be able to get into bionic woman and halfway through it turned too sci-fi for me so I turned it...and I was sad because that is one less excuse I have to sit my butt on the couch watching tv!