10 Months Old

Yes my baby is now 10 months, I can't believe he is already so big. He is still crawling which means he is constantly black, his hands, top of his feet and knees, luckily it is getting colder so wearing pants and socks helps considerably. Here are some things he is up to.

1. He loves to crawl through chairs and stools, which is constantly getting him stuck in weird postitions and crying.
2. He LOVES dogs, anytime there is a dog around he follows is around, I do hate this since it makes him oh so dirty.
3. He loves to clap, especially when he hears music.
4. He has started waving good-bye.
5. He took his first step yesterday.
6. He loves to stand up and start clapping.
7. He is a very happy baby, and besides church he is fairly easy.
8. He is a super fast crawler, everyone who sees him can't believe how fast he can go, I think it is his one leg up strategy.
9. He now will only take the hospital binkie, which I hate since when it drops it rolls like no other.
10. When you open your mouth to get his binkie he sticks his thumb into your mouth instead.
11. He loves music and usually does something fun when it is on.
12. His favorite place to play right now is in my spice cabinet, and to throw them all onto the floor.
13. He still loves Elmo's world.
14. Putting on his diaper is a nightmare, since he twists his whole body and tries to get away.
15. He is 18lbs 11oz. ( I think that is a little less than it should be since he is sick right now.) ( 10th percentile)
16. 30 inches tall ( 80th percentile)
17. He will crawl anywhere, in the grass the rocks, no surface seems to bother him.
18. He is so cuddly
19. He loves loves balls, and playing catch.
I can't wait to see where he is at at 1 yr. only 2 short months away.
Regretably I have no pictures of these specific events, so I am going to try to catch him in the act.


chris+amber said...

Really? He's 10 months old already?! Where did the time go?! He totally has a Cummard/Ruttinger body...SKINNY & TALL! He is so handsome.

Cummards said...

Sad for Jackson! I remember when he cut his foot at our wedding dinner, the next day at our wedding he was still so sad!

I can't believe Hudson is getting so old! Caseys long lost boy cousin is turning into a toddler! He will have to teach Casey a thing or two when we are down there. But nothing naughty please!
And oh yeah, is he really only 16 inches tall? Or does 16.30 translate into something that I can't convert into inches in my head?

Suzy Cummard said...


Mary Ann said...

What a sweet baby. I love that pic. maci is the same way when I try to put her diaper on!