Fire Pit and Cuddle Bug

So I am sure most of you have given up on me and my lack of posting. But I have retuned and hope to stay strong so I am going to get a bunch off. A couple of weeks ago after FHE we decided that for our snack we would roast marshmallows ( since Stephen and Jackson brought home a bunch of wood that night) Jackson was so excited and ate way too many marshmallows.

For about a week Hudson was acting kinda weird, he was crying constantly, not eating very well and being a bit lathargic. Now while all these thigs aren't good, his behavior with us was. All he wanted to do was CUDDLE. Now he is a bit more of a cuddler than Jackson was considering Jackson didn't cuddle at all. So I have to say I really enjoyed it. I really hope one day that I get a cuddler.


chris & amber said...

I hate you. You have no make up and you STILL look beautiful! Bug...I love cuddly babies. I hope Hudson feels better soon.