Christmas before Thanksgiving

Well I have been wanting to get my decorations out but had a hard time convincing Stephen to pull them from the attic, so I told Jackson about it and he begged and begged his dad until he finally gave in last night. I know you may say this is WAY to early but the truth is no one even comes to my house to notice my fall decorations so I thought I might as well get a jump start on Christmas since I don't know how long it will be after Thanksgiving that Stephen will get the time to get them down. Jackson was so excited, he has been talking about it for 4 days and every morning when he wakes up the first words out of his mouth are " Can we do the decorations". He loves helping me put up decorations, so we gathered all the remaning fall ones and put those up then started in on the Christmas. We didn't do them all since some are still buried under Christmas Lights (which aren't going up till Stephen has a day off) but we did most of them. Jack was most excited for the Stockings and the metal tree with all the bells. Course I don't know if it was a good idea to put them up so early since this morning when Jack woke up he asked where his presents are. I need to get him out of present mode. I am really going to try this year to put the true spirit of Christmas into our home and life. I am afraid he only cares about presents right now. -


Jamie W. said...

Lucky we are still trying to convince daddy into getting ours out now. Your house is so awesome at Christmas time. I remember seeing it last year and fell in love with all your decorations.

Tassi Smith said...

Cute decorations. I think Christmas decorations should be up all year. Like that house on Southern. They had their decorations up forever.

Sarah's Nonsense said...

Ahhh. gotta' love Christmas. I don't blam you for jumping the gun at all! (I love that you sent Jackson on a subtle secret mission to get Dad to pull them down from the attic!)