Halloween Night

Sad to say Halloween is over and all we have left are dirty costume, too much candy, huge bellys, pictures and memories. Last night I had the two Cutest Star Wars characters ever with me, Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker and baby YODA. We started off the night at Grandma C'sfor pictures and Grandma's store. Then it was off to the Clouse's for the annual Halloween Carnival and dinner. It was great as was the food, and yes I ate WAY too much! But what are the holiday's for if not to gorge yourself with food and then promise to work it off after. Then all the cousins went trick or treating on Grandma's people mover. After that Jackson just wanted to go to Grandma Karen's and Grandpa Chris's to trick or treat. I took him down the street at my mom's but he wasn't into it he just wanted to go the Grandpa Chris's ( I guess his goal wasn't to get all the candy he possibly could, like mine used to be) So we went to my dad's where we ate even more food ( because it was there and looked good). Then we came home and went right to bed. It was a LONG day, and now we get to spend the next week eating all the candy.

Cutest kids ever - Go Star Wars
, Batman, Rocky, Pirate, Dorothy, The Witch- Love it
 -Miss Dora the Explorer- What a poser just like her daddy
 Spiderman,Princess, Flower, Pumpkin- Dont they look adorable
The babies- they are super stoked for trick or treating

Grandma's store, Jackson was pretty indecisive like his mom, so he was the last one out of there.
What a cutie
T and J dancing like nerds
That boy loves to hug

Hudson loved getting into Jackson's bucket of candy and smooshing it. Luckily big bro Jackson was ok with sharing


Kristina said...

so it looks like you guys have been non stop partying!!!! How fun! My nephews B-day is on Halloween too--you don't hear that too often! It seems like you guys have amaing, & HUGE families! How fun!!!

Cummards said...

I love all the new updates and pictures. All the kids look so cute. You guys have been up to some major fun times down there! You look just perfect in all the pictures of course. Do you like your new camera? The pictures look really good. Casey and I will be down a week from today, but right now my flight doesn't get in untill really late. Then the next day we drive to CA, and I come back to UT from there. I might change it to come earlier on Thursday it just depends on mine and Lee's school schedule. If I do I want to see everyone for sure! At least those that aren't going over for the game.

p.s. What is up with Jackson and hugging other guys all the time?! He better give me a big hug like that when I see him. And tell Hayley that she looks so cute, and I love her hair!

Krystal Arnett said...

Your kids are so stinkin cute, I haven't seen them forever. Sounds like you guys had a great Halloween!

the cummard family said...

FINALLY. I had been waiting to see all the pics. Love all the updates.

1. Too bad we didn't add to the mix at Ah-So...take out was delicious though.

2. Why didn't you mention J's stinky feet.

3. Hillary's house looks so cute. And she looks like a twig.

Good times.

Unknown said...

SO CUTE!! I love your boys costumes, they are So adorable!! It looks like your kids will have some fun Halloween traditions with all their family around!! That is awesome!!

The Ellsworths said...

Your kids were darling! You look just as beautiful as ever. Don't laugh at my kid's costume; I was just being a good mom and let him do what HE wanted! :0)

Hess Fam said...

I'm so glad that Hudson was Yoda...Matthew really wanted Collin to be that because he always calls her Yoda everyday because of her ears. Anyway...I'm not really making sense but your boys look adorable as always and it looks like such a fun Halloween time! Toot-a-loo!

Jenna said...

You're right, they are the cutest boys!

Ginger John said...

You have the cutest little boys ever. Seriously!