Happy Birthday Stephen/ Happy Halloween

Yes my hubby's b-day is on Halloween. So you can imagine that he doesn't receive the kind of attention on his birthday that most do. This year I thought I would try to do something fun ON his birthday so I planned a suprise lunch party at his favorite restaurant Ah-So. I texted his friends and family to all meet at 11:30, I told Stephen that I would meet him there at 11:50 and to not get there early ( since he usually does) Well he was the second person to arrive and watched as everyone pulled up right behind him. Needless to say the surprise was ruined, but we did have a good turnout and hopefully he liked it. ( even though Parker stole his favorite piece of sushi right out from under his nose, sad) It was a fun lunch, though I am sure our fellow patrons would not agree since the kids were pretty much running around screaming. Luckily they didn't kick us out since they love Stephen so much there.