3 Months

High Maintenance Presley! Well I should have known, my boys were such EASY babies, I guess it is only fair that with my girl it got hard. Now having 3 is already a huge adjustment. Where I had tons of free time before, now I am lucky if I get to take a shower. Now I am not saying she is a horrible baby just that she requires constant attention or else the screaming starts. I love her dearly and she sleeps pretty good at night but the days are hard. Sometimes I get so stressed out and am so thankful for the relief when Stephen comes home. My girl is also CONSTANTLY spitting up most of her meal, so changing outfits 3 times a day is typical. For awhile we thought she had colic, then acid reflux but it turns out just some old fashioned High Maintenance. The other day my cousin Carol told me that her little girl would spit up a ton too, so she tried feeding her less and no more spit ups. So I tried that and for the past 2 days we are going on NO spit ups! I am thinking that she was just Overeating herself to the point of too full ( just like her mom) and she couldn't handle it so she would throw it all up. Hopefully this is actually the cause and we have fixed the problem. She is even starting to seem more happy. Though she may like to be constantly held and attended to she is so happy when you are talking to her and she loves to smile and laugh back, especially when her brothers are around her, and they always are fussing over her and treating her so very good. She is one lucky little girl. 


Unknown said...

That post just made me laugh, b/c I feel the same way about Addison, I LOVE her to pieces, but if I'm not constantly talking or playing with her she is screaming, we thought she had colic and acid refelx to and guess what same conclusion, so thanks for making me smile, b/c you said it so PERFECTLY!!

The Ruttingers said...

Crystal... Oh my gosh those pictures are freaking adorable. I love them I must have one. That is the cutest idea, I might have to copy that.

Carroll Family said...

My Laura was similar - if I fed her any sooner than 3 hours, she'd throw it ALL up - obnoxious because I'd have to hold her off screaming for an hour so she wouldn't upchuck! She was a crier, too - but she's also a lover!