J's Speed Racer Party

J's 5th Birthday Party!
Not surprisingly J wanted another Birthday Sleep over. So we threw a Speed Racer Party.  We started off by having all the boys burn our saved up Trash in the big fire. After that we roasted hot dogs for dinner. Then we had egg races. First a relay and then each child for themself. Then we roasted m-mallows and played the Candy Bar Game a Cummard family Birthday Tradition. Stephen was refereeing it and close to the end he realized J didn't have anything and everyone else did, so he was just waited till he rolled a 1 or a 5 to end the game and of course it took like 5 more rolls we thought it would never happen. He of course chose the Dollar Bill and kept it. Luckily I thought he was going to cry everytime he didn't roll anything but he was a trooper. Normally we don't cheat but for the Birthday Boy we made an exception. Everyone ended up with something though I think Sadie girl made out with the most. Then it was cake and presents which J loved. Then the boys settled in on the couches and floor for Speed Racer. Bot was the first one out and J and Brody were the last ones up. It was a great night.

Making their own little fire pit next to the big one.Stephen demonstrating the egg relay
the race is on

The handoff
The Race
More fire with Marshmallows
The Candy Bar Game
Everyones a Winner


Carroll Family said...

COOL party - really COOL cake!