One thing I look forward to every month is BUNKO! I have the best group and the best time. What is better than a night with the girls eating great food, playing games (Loudly I might add thanks to those Tyler Girls) and sometimes winning a Fabulous prize! My kid also love it because when mommy's away the Boys will Play! Movies, Frozen Pizza, Chocolate Milk and Sleeping in Mom and Dad's bed. For our last Bunko it was Halloween and we got to dress up, I borrowed Suzie's old costume Hannah Montana. That wig itched like crazy! We had some great costumes. Jill- Ugly Betty, Leah- John McCAin Classic! Juliette- Sarah Palin, Michelle- Herself 15 yrs. ago


Mary Ann said...

So fun!! i love bunko too.. wish we lived close enough to be in the same group!! you look hot! :) love the costumes!