My Boy is 5

Well my first baby has turned 5! For his actual day of birth he woke up to Crepes and Chocolate Milk for Breakfast ( his choice of course) on the Special Red Plate.

Next he headed off on a Scavenger Hunt for his presents (his new fav. thing to do). I thought he would open them along the way but he decided to save them all for the end. ( which really didn't work too well since I placed the presents in order of fun clothes first toys last) He of course loved all the presents but asked how come he didn't have a FUN present last, he had opened the clothes last. His fav. present was of course the book I made( more to come on that later) the JACKSON BOOK he calls it. He has only been asking for it for 8 mo. He also loved his tent, ever since he watched the episode of Jon & Kate plus 8 where they go camping in their backyard he has been wanting to do that. So I gave him a tent pack thing that comes with a chair, sleeping bag, flashlight and compass that I bought like 4 yrs. ago.

After that we got ready to go in town. When we got there my mom took J out to lunch at McD's and to go shopping for a present. They went to Toy's R Us, as soon as they walked in he spotted a Ben 10 Dvd and wanted it. My mom tried to talk him out of it and told him that we could just tape it on tv. but he wouldn't budge. He has been wanting a Metal Detector so my mom found one and asked him if he wanted that instead he of course said "How about you buy me that for Christmas"!

After shopping with my mom. Stephen and I took him Bowling. The first game he was having such a good time until he spotted a Birthday Bowling Pin and from then on it was downhill he kept asking for one but I told him that they are only for birthday pkgs and he decided he didn't want to bowl anymore.

After bowling we went to RA for dinner ( Yes his choice) for some Yummy sushi, he was so excited to try all the different rolls ( the other night when we went out for dinner J ordered the California Rolls and we all had some diff. ones so when they came J wanted to try some but my brother told him he had to wait for his, so when he saw that my brother was coming to dinner he got all sad thinking he wouldn't get to eat all the rolls. I assured him he could have whatever he wanted for his birthday.

After Dinner we headed back to my moms where Heather threw Colin a little birthday shindig with Homemade Oreo Ice Cream and Better Than Love Cake, and boy was it Yummy! 
For b-day presents this year with the Cummards Stephen has been doing the money grab. We thought Colin would really enjoy that since he loves MONEY just like those Cummard boys! His first go around he only got $15 so Stephen let him try again and luckily his number went UP! 

How old? 5
How big? 5 big
Best Friend? Brother
Fav. Tv. Show? Pokemon
Movie? Star Wars
Toy? Cars
Thing to do? Dig Holes
Place to Eat? Ah-So
Food? Sushi
Game? Candy Land
Color? Orange
Animal? Zebra
Shape? Circle
Book? Jackson Book
Thing to Draw? Spaceships
Thing about Church? Lesson in Class
Really Good at? wrestling (Talbot)
Be when you grow up? Chef
Special about You? I clean up
Funniest Person? Dad
Who's the Boss? Mom & Dad
Girlfriend? No
Fav. Place to Go? Grandma Cheryl's to play with cousins and the Mall with Brody
Color are your eyes? Brown
How old is mom- 13 dad-45
love about mom-helping her clean up, she loves me
   dad-  when he throws me on the bed


Melanie said...

Happy Birthday Jackson, We need to get the boys together Owen asked about him just the other day. Owen is on fall break this week if you have any errands to do "In Town" do it with 1 less kid Owen would enjoy the company call me

Jami Baker said...

You did this ALL in one day??? What a lucky boy! Sounds like I don't need to say "Hope you had a fun birthday" I think he did! Happy Birthday anyway! Cute kids!!

Carroll Family said...

WOW - what a birthday! Happy Birthday!!!

garritandshea said...

How could Jackson be 5 already??? We are really getting old! I can't wait to meet Presley...she is sooo cute. We are headed that way for a week or so at Thanksgiving. So, let the fun begin! Love you...I promise I'll post some belly pics soon.

Suzy Cummard said...

What a fun blog make over.
You are right- you've been busy posting!
Love the updates.

natalie and jeremy belnap said...

Hey, We are going private on our blog... so please leave me your email if you wish to be invited!

The Neilson Times said...

He is so cute! I love that his favorite food is sushi, he is a smart boy:) I love your halloween background with such an adorable picture at the top.

Clay's gal said...

Happy Birthday to him! Looks like he had a fun one!

Julie said...

Crystal - your kids are so cute! I guess I better tell you that i blogstock you. Your blog always looks so cute and your always doing such fun things. Hope you guys are doing well!