Our First Campout

J has been wanting to do a backyard camp out for awhile now, ever since he saw it on Jon and Kate plus 8. So for his b-day he got a tent and sleeping bag. This last weekend we finally did it well sort of. We started off with HOBO JO's one of my fav. camp out meals then roasted marshmallows. Played with flashlights, set up the tent and went to bed- which only lasted till about midnight for Hud ( when Steve brought him in because he couldn't handle him in his sleeping bag) and then by 4 a.m. Steve and J came in ( Tooo Cold) As you can see we are not outdoorsman. But we tried

Hud loved the potatoes and ate everyone else's as well

Realizing his marshmallow has stuck to his hand
Showing us his discovery
Trying to get it off
Which only seems to make is stick on the other hand as well
Trying to throw it off- no such luck

One of the most fun parts of the night for the boys was playing with the flashlights.

Looks like I need to clean my window

By 3 a.m this is what my bed looked like


Cummards said...

That is so cute! Seriously...Jackson has the longest skinniest legs! I wonder where he gets them?! Good thing you guys didn't venture too far from home...that's my kind of camping! The kids are so cute, give them all loves from us!

The Tyler's said...

That is so funny...I was going to say the same thing about J legs. I mean they are tooth pics!
Happy late Anniversary. I'm sorry I didn't call you.
See you SAt!!