Family Golf Night

A few weeks ago Stephen took it upon himself to plan a big date night for his family.  We went to Crossroads Indoor Virtual Golf. Everyone was able to come and it was so much fun. It was everyone's first time (except for Steve's ) doing the virtual golf. We played as couple's and hit every other ball. It was such a fun time I have never liked golfing so much. It was a little hard to get used to but once we got the hang of it we did alright. Stephen and I even ended up winning best score. 
I didn't get everyone hitting but I did get most of the girls. Does'nt Kanoe  look like a pro! 5.2.09

Look at that Power Swing. He is really into it as you can see!


the cummard family said...

funny...i do kinda look like i knew what i was doing...i didn't even know you took pics. i may have to steal ;) thank steve for such a fun night.