Big Boy Hudson

Oh the things I could say about Hudson.
This year has probably been the hardest with Hudson, near the end he has gotten a little more feisty and less obedient. He has also become a bit of a pouter. He is still my cuddly boy and loves to give loves ( except when he gives kisses to Presley he will ONLY kiss her on her cheek!)
Hudson LOVES to be outside, he would spend all day outside riding his scooter and bike and playing any type of sport( b-ball, baseball, soccer) He loves animals, especially dogs and horses and TIGERS. He has these 2 tigers that he loves to play with all the time, along with his big stuffed horse and dog.
He is pretty much the exact Opposite of Jackson, he loves having his shoes on, his jacket and hood on, being buckled in his car seat, his stroller and even being in the front part of the shopping cart ( which means Pres has to sit in the back with all the stuff). He even enjoys getting his hair cut and is such a good client. He can't wait to brush his teeth at night too.
He loves movies just like the rest of us. Once he is watching something on t.v. he is sooooo completely zoned you could yell his name, offer him things, jump around in front of him and still he wont move. He usually has his mouth half open as well.
This boy is also a little Klepto. Before I realized this about 4 months ago I lost my wedding ring, it was gone for a good two weeks until one day I saw him go and get it out of my diaper bag and bring it to me! He is always putting stuff in his pocket and then running away. While we were at the cabin a couple of months back, my family kept seeing him pick up cameras, watches, phones and putting them in a hiding place. Luckily they saw him or we may still have been looking for it.
He is also the most loving child and is always looking out for his brother and sister. Every night at bedtime he asks me to lay down with him and then when I am done says "lay with Jackson" he always has to make sure he is taken care of.
Every morning when he gets up he comes out of his room and says "Mom, I lub you"
He also has these Dracula teeth that are very dracula.
He loves going golfing with his dad.

A few months ago when people would ask him his name he would reply with "Big Boy". I have no idea where he got this from but he was completely sure of his answer and did not like you to correct him. He was Big Boy and that was that!
Hudson is definitely a child of habit. Every day when it is his time for his nap he goes through his ritual. First he needs all his binkies, usually at least one green and one pink ( but if he sees more he needs all of them). Then he gets his animals and sometimes cars and lays them down beside him. Next I have to "sleep" with him, and the blanket Has to be on top of me.Then he puts his arm underneath my head and I snuggle in. I lay there for a couple of minutes and then I get up to leave at which time he says " I love you mom" I say it back then he says "I love you too" then he says " you love me mom?" in which I answer "yes" and then and only then am I allowed to leave.
Now I know my baby boy is 3 now but he still loves, let me rephrase that is "OBSESSED" with his binkies. Not just a binky but multiple binkies of different colors. Now that I have officially taken them away (except for nighttime) he often finds them around the house that Presley has left out, he will then proceed to hide them. At any given time when he is being ultra quiet I will seek him out and almost always he is in some corner with a bunch of hidden binkies taking a last "Drag" on one of them. He is a Closet Binkie Addict.

This is all I can think of for now.
All I know for sure is that he is so important to our family, and we love every day we have with him. I can't imagine life without him and I feel so blessed to be his mother.


Why did the chicken cross the road?

To get away from the Cummards!

So the Cummard family has a bunch of chickens that we raise for the eggs.
They were building a bigger coup so when it was done all the kids had to chase down the chickens to put them in. This was not an easy task, J caught 3, Hudson didn't catch any but we got him a pic with the chicken ( he was so excited)

They also decide to kill and cook one of the "fryer" chickens.
So we all gathered around to watch the slaughter. I know, don't judge.

Jackson was actually really into it, not it a crazy way. I am actually the same way.
Here it is after they feathered, skinned and gutted it.
and this is the finished product. A whole lot of work for one Chicken. Glad I can still get my chicken at the good old fashioned store!



Yes I am starting a Food Blog. We all know my Obsession with food, and now I am going to share that with everyone. I've got my old recipes and am working on some new meals. You may not like everything I have to offer but I promise you will find something you LOVE. Come over and see it.

HERE crystalannieskitchen.blogspot.com


Suns Game/Sharing Lesson

The other night we had tickets to the Suns Game in which Ellie and Taryn were dancing in. So I thought I would take J to this game so he could see his cousins dance. He insisted I didn't make dinner since he wanted to buy pizza at the game with his own money. I said fine but then he had to take me out to ( i was not planning on really making him pay) but since he threw the Biggest tantrum about it I decided he needed to learn to be more grateful. So after a lot of back and forth. He decided to take his mom on a date. It turned out to be a pretty night once all was said and done.

Here is J on Jackson street.
We spent most of our time there OUT of our seats.
In the Jungle, bathroom, drinking fountain and so on.

Here are the three prizes they bought with their tickets.

I love having some one on one time with my eldest boy. It is a whole new experience


Little Woman

My little Woman.
she is getting so big and sooo Funny! Whenever she is talking on the phone, mostly with her daddy, she starts yelling stuff into the phone, telling a whole story and making the craziest faces. She loves to dance, jump on the tramp, ride bikes, play outside, play with her babies and ponies, read, sit on my lap anytime I am on the computer. Anytime Lance or Suzy comes by she just gets giddy, and when she sees their pictures she'll say "where's suzsey"

Her favorite phrase is " I love you too" which she is usually Yelling at you. She LOVES to Cheese it for the camera, as soon as you pull it out she is trying to get in front of it to get her picture taken

No she did not fall in this position she actually kept putting her legs like that.

Here we are on our First Ever Nail Painting Endeavor.
She did great and LOVED it. She was so into them and couldn't wait to show everyone.
Whenever she would show off her toe nails she would lift her leg up. Soo cute! I love her

Here Pres is after I found her on top of the table dipping into the Syrup.

Hudson's Birthday Adventures

Hudson's Birthday started off during the middle of the week with a shopping/lunch trip with Grandma C. Since he is the only grandchild with a b-day in Jan. he got a one on one trip. Grandma C and Huddy also share the same birthday so it was even more special. She took him to Target ( she usually takes them to a couple of stores but didn't make it since he spent all his money at target mostly in the dollar section) He went crazy for all the farm animals in the dollar spot. and no matter what other "more expensive/better" present she tried to get him to get instead he always chose all the farm animals. He would also go down the aisles saying " that is for sister" or "that is for Jackson"! After shopping they went to McDonalds, he loved it and came home with his Happy Meal ( which was his first one) showing it off and so excited to share his fries with J and Pres.

Next on Friday night Steve and I took him out for some more birthday shopping. We first went to McD's Again ( his new fav) where he had his Second Happy Meal.
Then we headed over to Walmart. While shopping for toys he always picked out anything "CARS" ( the movie). He kept switching things when we made him choose one or the other. He eventually ended up with a Cars backpack, Cars hat , a toy car, a sword and some gum.
On Sat. was his birthday party, where he invited his 4 friends via Monkey Mail. Chloe, Sally, Jonnie and Maddux, sadly his other 2 cousins were in Utah. The birthday was of course Cars themed. They played in the bouncy house for a little bit then it was movie time, where they watched a Cars Short and a video I made of him .
Huddy and his girl Chloe
During the video they broke down and had a mini dance party

Then it was Zinger Car making time.
Next onto presents and thank you's

Then pizza and cake and ice cream with of course a Cars Cake!
he jumped the gun on the blowing out of the candles about halfway thru the song.

Fun in the Snow

A couple of weekends ago we headed up to the cabin to have some Snow Fun. ( though snow is NOT Stephen's idea of fun we got him to come.) We made it a Ruttinger family weekend.
My kids haven't seen snow all year and they loved it. Course there was so much we couldn't even pull into the lot. We were freezing especially since the first night the upstairs heat wasn't working ( where all the rooms are) luckily there is a fireplace in every room. Also while Steve was trying to start a fire in one of the rooms, he forgot to open the flu, and the smoke alarms went off for about an hour before we got them all Knocked Off! But after that night it was a fun weekend. We ate tons of good fun, had fun family time and even squeezed in a little sledding down the tiny hill in the backyard.

Huddy loved the sled rides

Pres was pretty much scared out of her boots ( which left pink track marks every where she walked)

Yes I was truly this SCARED, I thought we were going to crash into the house, it felt like we were flying, and we went about 15 ft. further than anyone else.

How cute is he!
Snowman building time.
You can't go to the snow and not build one.

What a great throw!
Here is Presley during breakfast, she positioned her chair to face the wall.