Little Woman

My little Woman.
she is getting so big and sooo Funny! Whenever she is talking on the phone, mostly with her daddy, she starts yelling stuff into the phone, telling a whole story and making the craziest faces. She loves to dance, jump on the tramp, ride bikes, play outside, play with her babies and ponies, read, sit on my lap anytime I am on the computer. Anytime Lance or Suzy comes by she just gets giddy, and when she sees their pictures she'll say "where's suzsey"

Her favorite phrase is " I love you too" which she is usually Yelling at you. She LOVES to Cheese it for the camera, as soon as you pull it out she is trying to get in front of it to get her picture taken

No she did not fall in this position she actually kept putting her legs like that.

Here we are on our First Ever Nail Painting Endeavor.
She did great and LOVED it. She was so into them and couldn't wait to show everyone.
Whenever she would show off her toe nails she would lift her leg up. Soo cute! I love her

Here Pres is after I found her on top of the table dipping into the Syrup.


Noah said...

I still think it is so funny that you have a child with chubs! She is seriously the cutest thing around. I miss her funny faces she makes. She seems way older than Ronan.

Do you like that water bottle on the table in that last pic? I saw them at Target and need a new one and wondered if I would like it...

Noah said...

Sorry...it's me..Jill