More people are joining the blogging world every day, and I love it. It is just such a good way to catch up with old friends. Here are some new bloggers, Amber Kennedy, Julie Hansen, Erin Holliday, & Katie Peterson. I am still waiting on some friends like Angie, Jules, Meghan & Amanda. So get on it you guys. No more excuses.


chris+amber said...

I'm so excited we have new blogs to look at. And, I'm with you! All those girls need to start bloggin'! I wanna hear how they're doing! Angie, we LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE sloanphotographer's blog, but we wanna hear what's going on with you as a MOM and see more pix of cute little Maddux!

Ginger John said...

I finally broke down and did one. I was started to feel left out :) It is an easy way to catch up with the latest greatest since we are all soooo busy! Your boys are absolutely adorable Crystal.

Katie Peterson said...

Your family is so adorable. Aren't boys so much fun? I think you are the queen of all bloggers. You always have the cutest slide shows & pictures-maybe you should teach a "blog class"! :-)