Welcome Autumn Murset Halls

A new blogger has joined. So glad to have her with us. Make sure all of you are continuing to recruit, it only makes it more fun to stay up till one in the morning blog hopping. Which is what Angie and I did last night. It is amazing who you can find out there. I am a true stalker.


matt + angie sloan said...

Crystal you are hillarious I love how your day is complete when a new bloggers as risen. Thanks by the way for allowing me to comment! I am the first to post a comment, so everyone who reads this after, I love looking at all your blogs, sorry I cant make comments on most of yours, cause I dont have an account, I feel so left out!!! I am really impressed with everyones bloggin' skills and I love looking at everyones kids, houses, and AWESOME lives!!! We are all grown and we are all so Blessed!

Lots of Love to all

Amber said...

Angie, good to hear from you!! We're still waiting for you to start your personal blog, but I can only imagine how busy you are with your successful photography business!! Thanks, Crystal, for the heads up! I will have to hop on over to Autumn's blog and tell her hi! :o)

Suzanne Cummard said...

I love when people admitt they look at everyones blogs, if you know them or not! I am totally one of those "stalkers", always have been!

The Nutty Nielsen's said...

I think being a stalker is just being part of a girl. I would say that we are just drive by our passions. Thanks for keeping me informed on who is blogging I love looking at everyone's sites.