The Zoo

Yesterday we went to the Zoo with Jackson's preschool class, it was a blast! Jackson and the boys in his class just ran around the whole time. Here are some pictures. Also while we were there we saw 2 ostriches Mating? A little crazy, the guy did this crazy dance then did his business then ran away, all while the girl sat there. Not even any cuddling afterward. Hmmm


Mary Ann said...

So cute! I love the zoo as much as my kids do. I'm glad you found Autumn's blog. She is so fun. Keep up the good work!

chris+amber said...

Kamalani always does fun things for her preschool classes. Looks like you had a ton of fun!!

Anonymous said...

what a cute bunch of boys!!
Lynsey told me ablout your blog, that I should take a look at it.