8 Months!

My baby is now 8 months, I truly can't believe how fast it has gone by. Here are some things my baby enjoys and loves to do, with pictures as well.
- He loves to play in the toilets ( if we have left a door open or a toilet seat up, he knows and crawls like a speed demon to it)
- If the toilet seat is down he decides he will play with the toilet paper instead
- His favorite thing to do is play with the cord for the blinds on the door. He can seriously play right there for a 1/2 hour straight.
-Playing with his brother always makes him happy.
- He doesn't like to be thrown up in the air, but does love to be swung from side to side.
- Anytime someone is eating or drinking near him, he goes crazy trying to get some.
- Once in a while he will say MaMa
- He loves his silkie, binkies and baba (even after it is gone he keeps on suckin)
- No matter how mad he is I can put on Elmo's World and he will sit there mesmerized and watch the whole thing. He also loves when I sing it to him.
- He is a pretty calm baby and not agressive towards other babies( this being the exact opposite of Jackson), except everytime he sees Puff dog he follows her around trying to get her.
- Huddy also loves to stand up to the bath tub and just stare longingly into it, apparently remembering the good times.
- He also loves paper, eating it tearing it anything that that ruins it.
- If he sees anything on the ground he goes right for it and tries to eat it.
- Huds also loves to get his picture taken and smiles when ever the camera is on him.
- When he crawls on the tile he has one leg up it is hilarious to watch and he is super fast too.
- Everytime I go to change Hudson's diaper he twists around as hard as he can making it very difficult to change him

Each day is filled with new experiences and I love to watch him learn and grow.


the cummard family said...

That is so his little face...biting his bottom lip. You forgot to mention the high pitched scream that he does....especially when you're feeding him. haha.

Suzy Cummard said...

OHH, so sweet.
I love him. He is looking so different lately. I think he has gotten a little chub, which you KNOW I JUST LOVE!!
AND yes, I know he does love the camera!! He's Steve's child, for sure!!
He is so cute.

Kristina said...

I seriously don't think he could be any cutter!!!! I can't believe he is 8 months! It seems like only a few months ago when you were walking around w/your gorgouse prego belly! (have you caught on to the fact that I can't spell? hope not!)

The Tyler's said...

I love him! He has a great Bitter Beer Face!

Lyle and Jaime said...

He is precious! Isn't it sad that it goes by so fast! My baby is goign to be two in November. It makes me want to cry! Enjoy the baby while you can!

Mary Ann said...

He is adorable... I have a baby that does the sucking thing even when she doesn't have a bottle in her mouth. It is so funny. I miss you... come see me!

Katie Peterson said...

What a cute post....and an even cuter baby!! That is so nice you wrote that all down, so you will always remeber. I need to do that before I forget!

Jenna said...

Can't believe he is that old already. I have always thought he was so cute!! Time for a girl!!!

Jamie W. said...

Oh that is just to sweet. He looks so cute in those pictures.

Lynsey said...

OHHH I want to steal him, he is so dang cute!! everything that he is doing reminds me so much of my little guy, the diaper thing is a nightmare it makes me go crazy he still does it and he's 15 mon.

Mary Ann said...

Crystal, I got your message. I first left my charger at my friends and wasn't able to use my phone, then I have had family here for a couple of days. Tonight it is late, so I will call you soon. Hope you are doing good. I would love to have you come ANYTIME! I miss you

Meggs said...

Holy crap Huddy looks so darn cute in those pics. I know I've told you a million times but you really do have such cute kids. Looks like you'll just have to have a dozen of them.


Crystal, he is so adorable! That is a great idea to write all this down. What a great Mama you are!!!

Hess Fam said...

That's it...I need to meet him. I can't handle the similarities between my Collin and Hudson! Or am I just crazy and all babies make these exact faces. Seriously...I just need to email you all of those same faces from my child! So funny. Just tell me to get over it. I know I say it everytime you do a Hudson post!