The other morning around 2 a.m Huddy came into our bed, I of course thought nothing of it even when i felt his stick mouth. The next morning I woke up to this in the kitchen. 
My glass and tile knocked over and 1 of the 4 reseces bars opened. 

I then proceeded to his room and found the rest. 
The chocolatey face culprit.
I am truly amazed at how he got out of bed in the dark, climbed on the first counter then across the high one to get to the candy. Ate some then took the rest in his room to devour. What a little mischevious boy. That I love to pieces.

This is not the end though he has also discovered that he can climb out of his crib so he is now in J's room on a trundle which can be a pain since he is constantly getting out. Most times he has to be locked in.  Another downer is that he likes to take off his diaper any chance he gets and has even decided to leave me a little messy present in the office that was NOT pretty and very smelly. Luckily after about a week he has mostly stopped. I can only imagine whats next.


Our First Campout

J has been wanting to do a backyard camp out for awhile now, ever since he saw it on Jon and Kate plus 8. So for his b-day he got a tent and sleeping bag. This last weekend we finally did it well sort of. We started off with HOBO JO's one of my fav. camp out meals then roasted marshmallows. Played with flashlights, set up the tent and went to bed- which only lasted till about midnight for Hud ( when Steve brought him in because he couldn't handle him in his sleeping bag) and then by 4 a.m. Steve and J came in ( Tooo Cold) As you can see we are not outdoorsman. But we tried

Hud loved the potatoes and ate everyone else's as well

Realizing his marshmallow has stuck to his hand
Showing us his discovery
Trying to get it off
Which only seems to make is stick on the other hand as well
Trying to throw it off- no such luck

One of the most fun parts of the night for the boys was playing with the flashlights.

Looks like I need to clean my window

By 3 a.m this is what my bed looked like

Happy 7th Babe

For our Anniversary this year we went to the Keg. We planned on doing more but we were both so tired that we barely made it through dinner. Thanks for all the wonderful times and the three beautiful children. Thank you so much for all that you do for your family, you are such a great provider and hard worker. I love you. 

Schnepf Farms

It is that time again where the weather is   Somewhat cooler and there are fun things to do for the season. Every year we go to the Farm and this year was one of the funnest, it was probably the coolest time we have ever been. During the day Ang and Maddux met us there and then that night my mom, dad, Colin, Heather, Coen and Stephen joined us. I kept telling everyone about the wonderful Pumpkin donuts they had last time and my dad was so excited, turns out they were in the process of getting a new machine and so they did not have any. So sad, I had been looking forward to them all year. 
Hud's first face painting

Hud's first roller coaster, and he LOVED it. 

the Spooky train ride. 
Isn't getting a family pic sooo easy.
J wanted to have Grandpa go on the roller coaster with him, as you can see they love it


Pumpkin Pictures

One of my favorite pics of all time is of Little P in the Pumpkin. I have always wanted to do a picture like this but both my boys were either to big or too small around Halloween time. Presley is the perfect size. So I gave it a shot. Sorry for so many pics these are my fav.'s but I took about 10 times more than this. 

Our first attempt
trying the binkie , didn't work so we took her in and fed her.

3 Months

High Maintenance Presley! Well I should have known, my boys were such EASY babies, I guess it is only fair that with my girl it got hard. Now having 3 is already a huge adjustment. Where I had tons of free time before, now I am lucky if I get to take a shower. Now I am not saying she is a horrible baby just that she requires constant attention or else the screaming starts. I love her dearly and she sleeps pretty good at night but the days are hard. Sometimes I get so stressed out and am so thankful for the relief when Stephen comes home. My girl is also CONSTANTLY spitting up most of her meal, so changing outfits 3 times a day is typical. For awhile we thought she had colic, then acid reflux but it turns out just some old fashioned High Maintenance. The other day my cousin Carol told me that her little girl would spit up a ton too, so she tried feeding her less and no more spit ups. So I tried that and for the past 2 days we are going on NO spit ups! I am thinking that she was just Overeating herself to the point of too full ( just like her mom) and she couldn't handle it so she would throw it all up. Hopefully this is actually the cause and we have fixed the problem. She is even starting to seem more happy. Though she may like to be constantly held and attended to she is so happy when you are talking to her and she loves to smile and laugh back, especially when her brothers are around her, and they always are fussing over her and treating her so very good. She is one lucky little girl. 


One thing I look forward to every month is BUNKO! I have the best group and the best time. What is better than a night with the girls eating great food, playing games (Loudly I might add thanks to those Tyler Girls) and sometimes winning a Fabulous prize! My kid also love it because when mommy's away the Boys will Play! Movies, Frozen Pizza, Chocolate Milk and Sleeping in Mom and Dad's bed. For our last Bunko it was Halloween and we got to dress up, I borrowed Suzie's old costume Hannah Montana. That wig itched like crazy! We had some great costumes. Jill- Ugly Betty, Leah- John McCAin Classic! Juliette- Sarah Palin, Michelle- Herself 15 yrs. ago