Gen. Conference & Rolls

For General Conference during the break we decided to try Cinnamon Rolls for the first time ever, at least for me. Not only was it my First time making Cinnamon Rolls but also the first time using YEAST! I gotta say I was pretty proud of myself. I have decided this will be a new tradition for General Conference. It was a great day being able to sit with my family and listen to the Prophet and all the others that spoke. It is amazing how it seems like they are talking right to you and answering all your questions. They are truly men of God who are led by the Spirit.


Tassi Smith said...

Those look amazing. I am very impressed. My mouth is watering just thinking about making cinnamon rolls.

Ern said...

Those cinnamon rolls look so, so good. And you used yeast! I'm so jealous (but so proud)... I tried using yeast once and it was a nightmare. My mom can make bread without a hitch and I'm stuck using my non-yeast bread recipes. ...way to go!