Miss P- 9mo.

My baby girl is now 9 mo. old & cuter everyday. 
Last check-up
29 1/2 in.  95%
17lbs. 11oz   25%

Some of her new fav's are Food, she eats non stop just like her momma. 
she LOVES to bop her head around to the music or just when she gets happy. She absolutely loves her daddy and brothers and the feeling is totally mutual. She even has a little boyfriend that she spent a night making out with. ( she will only kiss him to everyone else she turns her head) As you can see she loves to pull out all the wipes in the case and then eat them. I have no idea why. She loves to wave Hi and Bye, clap and walk behind the fire truck. Anytime she doesn't like the feel of the ground she gets on all four and stink bugs it. She also loves the pool and could stay there all day hanging out in the water. I love her more and more everyday and am loving every new stage. 


Brittney Smith said...

She's such a cutie!! Maybe she and Denim can hook up.

The Tyler's said...

She is getting way too big. Before you know it she will be one and it will be really sad. I hate that Ronan is 1!
What a fun B-day for your Dad! I love the 5oisms and the appetizer dinner. I will always love your Dad. We sure do have some great memories! Tell him I said Happy Birthday!

Kippy said...

oh she's so cute!

Mary Ann said...

She really counldn't be any cuter! I LOVE that age! Enjoy!

Mary Ann said...
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Lyle and Jaime said...

she is adorable! Is she walking or did I read that wrong? My baby is almost 10 months and not even crawling!

Tara Reid said...

Her and Hudson could be twins! They look so much alike!