Girls Trip to CALI!

2 Weekends ago my Mom convinced me to go to Cali with her and my sister and sil and Holly I am sure glad I did because it was a BLAST! We left Friday night and got there around 8 where we went immediately to EL Torito Baby! Oh how much I LOVE and CRAVE this place 245/7 I so wish there was one here. They have the best flour tortillas that they make right there and bring them to your table warm to eat with honey butter or salsa. Oh they are so good I can barely handle writing about them. They also have the Best Fire Roasted Tomato Soup I have EVER had, and their side of corn cake. Best Meal Ever. 
The next morning we went to Roscoe's House of Chicken and WAffles for breakfast and let me say once again best Waffles and scrambled eggs Ever.


After that we hit they Alley's. 
There was some Wheeling and Dealing 
Great Finds 
and an all around Great time. A successful trip was had and a great time away with the Girls.
Here is all the New Cute luggage they bought that we then had to get back home.


Hess Fam said...

when i first moved to california, i think i drove down to el torito grill every weekend. i was obsessed too! don't get me wrong...i still love it. i just have to limit myself now.
i'm wondering which roscoes you went to??? i still haven't tried but have attempted several times!

Jules said...

I wish I would have been able to go with you guys!!
And I seriously don't believe anywhere has better waffles than your house or your mom's!!

The Tyler's said...

Yup...pretty jelous right abut now. I really want to go on a fun girls trip. We should plan one! I love the luggage they all got. And isn't there an El Torrito in Scottsdale? My Mom and Dad go all the time. Not sure if it's the same.
Congrats to J on his mula from the toothfairy!