Miss P the Garbage Picker

A few weeks ago I found Pres eating cookies out of the garbage! I immediately threw them away again and took her in the other room 3 min. later she was back eating that cookie AGAIN!
Man I LOVE her. 

Presley has been so much fun lately ever since she started crawling she is always happy and wanting to play with the boys. She loves her Baby Einstein, her Binkies and Silkies. She is always trying to steal Huddy's binkie right out of his mouth. One of her new favorite things to do is Clap. Anytime someone comes into a room she claps for them, or if you tell her to Clap or just if she hears other people clapping. She also waves Bye and Hi and tries to say Bye Bye but mainly just says "BBBBB". She loves to do things with her tongue and mouth to make noise as well. Oh how we love having her around. This last week she has been super Sick and so Sad, it is so sad when your baby is sick and is a completely different person. I can't wait till she is back to her usual self.


Jules said...

I hope she's feeling better!!
She is TOO cute!!