Easter Festivities

We started off the week with J's School Easter Party. First they went to the retirement home where they sang songs 

Passed out Easter Bags and Eggs
Then there was a hunt( that was hard since J couldn't run, luckily I went to help out my boy) 
Next painting Eggs at G-ma C's

Jackson's Perfect Egg
Finally Easter Morning

The Hunt, Huddy would squeal every time he saw an egg
Jackson finding the egg he painted
Our only Family Easter picture, since we were a half hour late for church ( i thought it started at 12:30) only Presley is wearing her original Church outfit

Jackson helping Hudson get an egg that went under the truck

When we did a hunt at my mom's house J was not happy. First we there wasn't candy in the eggs so he threw a tantrum. Then they were too easy too find so yet another tantrum. Apparently sugar and a long day are not good for J. All in all a great Easter weekend. The best part was Jackson explaining to my mom what Easter is REALLY about. I guess he does listen after all.


Amanda B. said...

Poor Jackson! It would be scary to have such a big surgery (for you and him). I'm glad you guys had a fun Easter. Your family is adorable!!!

Cummards said...

Can't wait to see you guys....ALL summer LONG!

The Neilson Times said...

Cute Easter pictures! I love Hudson's expressions, he is so cute!