Our St. Patty's Day Fun

This year we started off a little early with a BOY'S sleepover ( since the girl cousins were having one at G-Ma's ) The night started out nice, the boys played a little B-ball and then headed to the back for some fun while we cooked the Dogs. As LUCK would have it one of my nephews Bot Bot jumped from the playhouse to the tramp and well he broke his arm. It looked just awful  the first thing he said was " I think I broke my arm" he was right. So the rest of the night we kept the fun inside and watched an old 70's movie " Return from Witch Mountain" 

How sweet- what nice cousins

The next morning they partook in the Yearly St. Patty's Day Green Pancakes, Green Milk and Green Buttermilk Syrup.
Even Pres enjoyed the Green
Later that day the boys made some Thumbprint Shamrocks. 

Next we were off to the Traditional Green Meal at the in-laws. Where Grandma C goes All out! We've got Yummy Corn Beef and Cabbage, Irish Stew, Green Muffins, Milk and Frapee' along with tons of other fantastic Green Food! 

After the Green Meal I tried to get a pic. of the kids in their Green clothes. As you can see they were not having it.
Next we had a surprise visit from the Leprauchan. Who sent my kids on a " Chore Treasure Hunt" that they absolutely loved. ( Thanks to Katie Stauffer for the great idea) 

And of course the "Pot of Gold" at the end of the Rainbow
Digging In

I put this Pic in her because later that night Huddy fell asleep on the floor in the living room. Which may be very normal for some of your children but my kids never fall asleep anywhere but there own bed.


Anonymous said...

Bot was so bumed to leave the party early and after the sling was on he begged to come back, but now he is just so proud that he is the first cummard cousin to actually brake a bone!! lol

youngsters said...

that is such a good idea. I need to remember that fun activing next year...anything that helps them get their chores done!!

The Tyler's said...

So cute. I will have to remember that cute scavenger hunt for next year. Brody is always asking me to send him on a scavenger hunt. They looked great in their green.
So jelous you guys have already gone swimming! I am counting down the days till my parents pool is warm enough.
Fun to see you today! Let's hang out soon.