Happy Birthday Sydney

Yes it is another birthday this month, and I still have one to go. Syd is the oldest of the sister-in-laws and a great friend here are some things about Syd.

1. She was a MHS Bunnie ( hope to see you dancing at the game on Friday)
2. She is super competitive-At the cabin all we do is play games and Syd loves to win. She even has an old score card pinned up at the cabin from years ago where she had a perfect score at Liverpool!
3. She loves sports- which is especially great for her husband who is also a sports fanatic.
4. She is a great mom, she will do anything for her kids and is always planning fun trips for her family to go on together.
5. She loves to SHOP, but not any kind of shopping Bargain Shopping. Syd will be out all hours of the night to get the best deal and will wake up before the crack of dawn as well. I think her favorite day of the year is the day after Thanksgiving( where all the best deals can be found)
6. She is very athletic and is always doing marathons, triathlons you name it, I wish I could run around the block!
7. She is so very generous, after we sold our condo we ended up staying with her family until our house was built which ended up taking quite a bit longer than planned. But Syd made us feel welcome while we were there, and I truly appreciate that.
8. Syd loves anything to do with the stars ( celebs that is) She reads People religiously and knows everything about everyone, no matter where she is she seems to be in the right place at the right time, meeting tons of famous people. And she is not afraid to go up and get a picture. It pays to hang out with her on Vacation -your'e almost gaurunteed to see someone.

I am so glad I have her as a sister-in-law and hope she has a great B-day!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Sunshine!!! I'll never forget the year you lived with us. It was fun!! Thanks for not going to Costa Rica so you can come to lunch, that was soooo nice of you!! You were in on all the late night early mornings by the way!!!

the cummard family said...

Oh wow...that ASU picture "got around!" What a good photographer ;)


Cute pictures. What a great family to be part of. It is so awesome that you are all so close!

Unknown said...

Crystal, Hello I rarely post a comment but I look at your blog all the time!! Your sister in laws look great!! It looks like a LOT of fun!!