My 4 Year Old

I just wanted to write some stuff down about Jackson now that he is 4 yrs. old. First off time flys by way too fast. It seems like he was only a baby for such a small amount of time. This year has been great. It is amazing how every year he grows so much and accomplishes new things all the time. He has learned how to write his name, get dressed, buckle himself in, be a great big brother. He is also so helpful around the house, he takes out the diapers, helps me get dinner ready, sets the table, clean up after himself, put up his laundry, and help his dad with the yard work. He has been the best big brother, I never could have imagined he would do so well as the big brother, he was an only child for over 3 years and was a little co-dependant. When Hudson first arrived he was a little jealous and agressive but after a couple of months he settled right in, he is constantly helping me out with him and making sure his brother is happy and comfortable. They follow eachother around, I love it. Jackson is very accepting of people, he is also a hugger, he loves to hug anyone friends, his teacher. Sometimes I can have to pry him off. I gave him a little questionarre 2 wks ago so I could remember his thougts at this age here are some questions.

How old are you? 3
How old will you be when you grown up? 4
Who is the funniest person in your family? Brother
What is your fav. food? fish
Fav. Color? Blue
Fav. Animal? Lion and Tiger
How strong are you? 4 strong
When you are sick who takes care of you? Doctor
Who is your best friend? Brother
Fav. Toy- Spaceship, 3 Starwars Movies
What are you really good at? Coopers
What do you want to be when you grow up? Jedi
How tall are you? ( Stand's next to a wall and tries to measure himself) - Acutal height is 3ft. 6 inches
How much do you weigh? 4 dollars
What is special about you? I'm smart and find stuff
Fav. place to go? trick or treating for Halloween
Best thing about school? Eating snacks ( that is my boy)
Do you have a girlfriend? NO!
Fav. sport? all of them
What color are your eyes? Goes and checks in the mirror and answers Brown (correct)
How many teeth do you have? 4 ( this seems to be his fav. number)
How old is mom? 3 dad? 11
Fav. movie? Star Wars and Pokemon
Fav. shape? diamond
Fav. treat? candy corns
What do you like? To open presents from Santa
How many brothers and sisters do you want? 1 bro. 1 sis.
What do you like most about your mom? When she makes chocolate and strawberry milk; I love her; when she makes dinner
What do you like most about your dad? When he takes me to Talbots house.

Jackson is so amazing and I love to spend time with him, except in the car when he asks me 2 million questions. He is so caring and funny. I couldn't imagine my life without him. To my best friend and loving son on your birthday I love you.


Jenna said...

He looks so much older than 4! He is so cute! what a good boy!


What a sweet little guy. 4 years old is such a great age. I am totally with you on the questions in the car. But you know what I think when he gets older you might miss it! Happy Birthday to Jackson!!!

Kristina said...

That is way too cute and I am SO copying!! I am going to email you a questionaire that I got that will make you laugh. I want to have each of my kids answer the questions...its all about moms.

Scott, Emilie, and Sterling said...

I was just sitting here reading this and I couldn't stop smiling. He is so cute and you are such a great mom! Those photos are absolutely adorable by the way. I'll put some pics up on my page as soon as I get a little chunk of time to find a cute family photo. How did you change the colors on your page ... I like it. Is there a place you can go to find cute backgrounds? Thanks for being my guru ... I really wouldn't be doing this if it wasn't for you! Love ya. :)

The Ellsworths said...

You little guy is darling! I love the quiz, I'll have to ask Carson those questions now that he is 4 too. We still need to get these boys together sometime! Life is just too busy! :0)

The Tyler's said...

Cute posts! I'll be stealing the pics of the party. They are all so cute!
Could Collin look anymore like you Dad in those Ah-So pics.
That questionare was cute!

Meggs said...

I love this post. Jackson will love to look back and read this someday. I can't believe how blond Jack's hair is in the top pic. and now how much darker it is.

Anonymous said...

I heard a joke today..."

YOU KNOW WHO: "Was it funny?"

Anonymous said...

I'm pregnant and you are the father. (SHAKING HER HEAD NO AT THE CAMERAS LATER)...
Aren't you gonna act like the daddy?

(I really don't remember exactly what she said)

Scott, Emilie, and Sterling said...

So, when people leave comments on my blogs am I supposed to reply on my own blog, or on theirs? I don't get it ...