Happy Happy Birthday Sarah Dear

Sarah's wedding

What to say about Sarah. First off I love having her as a sister-in-law. The only thing bad is that she lives so far away. Here are some things I love about her.

1. She is such a fashion forward gal, always wearing the cutest stuff, which I then end up copying.
2. She has GREAT hair, like a horse so perfectly strong, healthy and shiny.
3. Such the peacemaker, never one to be contentious
4. A blast to be around, she made my stay in Utah the best.
5. A great mom to little Casey!
6. She brings her baby to class with her!!!!!
7. A great cook.
8. Loved her VW bug.

Things I hate about her!

1. Looks perfect while pregnant and 2 seconds after she has the baby. I would kill for her body.
2weeks after the baby
cutest prego girl ever.


Cummards said...

Aw, so sweet! Thanks so much, you are so nice. I would get really mad at you for posting that HIDEOUS picture of me pregnant, but since you said so many other nice things about me, I would feel really mean. I do like that picture from my wedding though, it's not the best of me, but it is a good picture of everyone else so its cute.

Kristina said...

um....if I do remember correctly; your a pretty hot prego gal yourself!!

Suzy Cummard said...

Oh, only 2 more years left.

Sarah is the best.