The Happenings

A couple of weeks ago after my mom and I watched the latest Diners Drive-Ins & Dives ( one of our favorite shows on the Food Network) which featured a place in Chandler called Aunt Lenas Creamery- a super cool Gelato place. So we decided we had to go and try it. They make all of their Gelatos the same way. If it is an apple pie one, they make an apple pie then just dump it in and mix it up, or a birthday cake, twinkie, canolis. It is crazy to see. The boys loved it, the Birthday cake one was our favorite but Hud didn't care he just ate whatever was in front of him and didn't stop till it was gone.

Here is my Baby Girl at Two Weeks.

Here is Presley at 5 weeks, she is such a doll and looking cuter everyday. She is probably my hardest baby. She cries most of the day even when being held. But one thing is for sure she loves her big brothers they can make her happy near most of the time. And they love to just lay down and stare at her. She sleeps good at night though so at least I have that. 


The Tyler's said...

Ok, that is so funny...I just clicked on your blog to get a pic for your b-day post and it totally chaged right then! Crazy!
Anyway, I'm so sorry my post is so late, it's been a crazy weekend. I hope you had fun at the cabin and a fabulous birthday. When are we going out?!
And..cute pics! Those ones of Presley are so adorable. She is finally getting a little chub!
That Gelato place is in Chandler and you didn't even invite us...Rude!!!

Melissa said...

Presley is adorable! We watched that same clip on Food Network about that Gelato place...now we know we will for sure have to try it out...but how does it compare?

Mary Ann said...

LOVE the pictures! Presley is about the cutest thing in the world... just like your boys!!

nancyandcort said...

I got on your blog so I could see your baby! She is SOOOOO stinkin' cute! I need a baby - crap did I just say that out loud? I hope you are doing well. We are so going to that Gelato place!

Mike & Stephanie Wright said...

It looks like you guys have been having a great summer. I am sad that I do not get to see you. I can't wait to hold Presley! She is darling and your boys are getting so big and they are so cute! I hope things stay wonderful! Love Ya, Stephanie

The Ruttingers said...

Crystal thanks so much that was a blast to get away. If you ever wanna go on vacation again count us in!!!