Every time we go to Peter Piper Pizza, I almost never give J any tokens recently I have been letting him bring one of his own dollars to spend there. Mainly because it is a waste of money and they have plenty of fun without tokens as well. So the other day Stephen met us there and before I could tell him the "rules" he had changed in MY $5 dollar bill for Tokens! So they spent most of the time trying to earn as many tickets as possible. I believe they ended up with around 150, but they had a blast playing those dumb games together so I guess it was worth it after all.

A dinosaur, tootsie rolls, rub on tattoo's totally worth $5

my little angel sleeping the whole time


Cummards said...

Yay! I was starting to wonder what happened to baby Presley?! I hadn't seen pics of her forever! She is completely adorable, I can't wait to see her again. I still have the hardest time believing that you actually have a GIRL! It looks like you are having a blast. I love that J and Hud are such good friends too though...it makes me want to have another boy next! We miss everyone, and get a little sad seeing pictures of all the fun things you guys do together! We love baby Presley!